Faculty Instructional Development


Specialized Teaching Methods & Strategies

Several UA College of Medicine faculty  have contributed to the FID Series on many topics, including instructional methods and strategies used in particular contexts or for particular purposes. 

There are FID Series videos on these topics. You may access the videos of these presentations using the menu at left. Each video is about 1.5 hours long and most offer at least two clinicians' perspectives and experience on the subject. 

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Presentation Materials on Specialized Instructional Methods

Tips for Staying Engaged (Interactive Lectures)

Presenters: Chris Cunniff, MD and Helen Amerongen, PhD

 Dr. Nolte's presentation

Creating, Delivering and Evaluating Constructive Feedback

Presenter:  Gail Koshland, PhD

Feedback Presentation Feedback Modules

Medical Problem-solving in Case Based Instruction

Presenters:  Paul St. John, PhD & John Bloom, MD, CBI Co-Directors, Herman Gordon, PhD, Joanna Arnold, PhD, Susan Ellis, MA, EdS

This was an interactive session that described the structured approach to problem-solving used in case-based instruction during preclinical years of the undergraduate medical education program. Presenters introduced the structured approach and discussed issues related to teaching and assessing medical problem-solving skills, with the focus on Case-Based Instruction (CBI) incorporated in the block curriculum. A lively question and answer discussion session followed the presentation, with a lengthy discussion on how we define problem-solving skills in a medical education curriculum.


Resources on Team Learning (TL)

Author: Susan Ellis, MA, EdS

TL resources