Faculty Instructional Development

Flipping the Classroom

Flipping the Session - Preview

The most common use of this strategy is to prepare a short video (5 minutes, no longer than 10 minutes) for students to view BEFORE attending class.

The video may preview content to be covered in lecture or address fundamental concepts students ought to know or have read about, so that instructors may focus in class on applying those concepts to cases or asking students to do so.

How do instructors decide what to include in the PREVIEW or BEFORE Session materials?

We can use Vygotsky's theory of learning and development and the concept of the zone of proximal development to guide our decision.

A good guideline is to ask yourself 2 questions:

1. What could the students learn on their own without much assistance from me?

2. What concepts require my assistance for the students to be successful in achieving the learning objectives?

  • The answer to Question 1 becomes the concepts and activities that comprise the Preview or BEFORE session activities and objectives.
  • The answer to Question 2 becomes the concepts and activities that comprise the in-person session with students.

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Flipping Forward → Review

Another way to flip the classroom is to collect students' questions DURING the in-person session (e.g., using an audience polling software like Poll Everywhere or Secretive).

The instructor then creates learning material (for example, using Doceri or Explain Everything, or KeyNote or PowerPoint) that responds to the most frequently asked questions or that clarifies essential concepts of which the students have not demonstrated sufficient understanding.

Flip and Flip Forward (Preview/Review)

Instructors may combine these strategies to take what is referred to by scholars on literacy development, a Preview/Review approach to teaching (Wood, 2011).

To find out more about this topic and other issues concerning teaching with technology, please review the scholarly resources on teaching with technology on this site.