Residents as Educators Orientation

Every year, approximately 200 or more new residents arrive to work and learn at Banner University Medical Center. Our new residents also teach medical students at the UA College of Medicine-Tucson.

In the past decade, we have offered an annual Residents as Educators (RAE) Orientation to assist incoming residents in starting their new role as educators.

Starting in 2018, we will orient residents to teaching through videos, online experiences as well as face to face, interactive workshops at the invitation of the residency program directors.  The 3-minute video, below, provides 3 tips for residents as educators. 

This RAE Video Series playlist is available, using PlayPosit software, as an independent learning module (ILM).

  • RAE Video Series - Description of ILMs, with links to Play Posit course. Enroll in the class for access to all videos. Each includes the 3-minute videos on teaching, feedback and assessment (above), formative assessment and feedback.
  • PlayPosit Login Guide -  A guide to creating a PlayPosit STUDENT account and how to log in. This will assist UA CoM-Tucson in documenting how many residents as educators participate and compliance with LCME requirements for residents as educators training.