Inquiry-based Learning

Formulating effective questions for teaching

This session addresses how to craft and use effective questions to facilitate learning and development. Topics include the issues outlined below:

  • How to formulate effective questions

  • A taxonomy of question types

  • Convergent v. Divergent questions

  • Questions on a cognitive scale

  • Effective Compound Questions

  • Knowledge dimensions (factual, procedural, conceptual) and knowledge domains (Procedural; Conceptual; Metacognitive)

Psychosocial factors in guided inquiry learning

  • Educational strategies for creating psychological safety

  • Phrasing questions to frame the issues

  • Strategic Wait Time: Getting comfortable with and using silence

  • Sequencing Rapid reward

  • Balance

  • Life lines

  • Think, Pair, Share & Compare

  • Motivating students to engage beyond peripheral participation