RAE Program Goals

The RAE Program emphasizes the mutuality of teaching and learning and the role of reflection in teaching, learning and professional practice. The program encourages participants to explore the connection between respectful, professional teacher-learner relations and effective learning. RAE Program goals are to:

1. Provide support for residents who teach and assess medical students during preclinical and clinical years.

2. Enhance teaching practices of residents.

3. Enhance the learning experience for undergraduate medical students.

4. Improve instructional development methods based on feedback from residents who participate in the RAE Program.

Engaging Students in Reflection on Practice - on People

There are many books, poems, and other articles written by phsyicians, nurses and patients about the human aspects of clinical experiences. These readings can help medical educators on reflecting about how they can discuss reflection on the humanity in medical practice as well as getting in the habit of contemplating medicine from a patient's perspective. The Reading List below, in Related Resources, is a starter list. Please help yourself and share it, and your own ideas for a reflective reading list, with your students.

Related Resources

Reading List RAE Program