Practice-based Learning & Improvement

The RAE Program employs a variety of educational strategies and engages residents in interactive activities, each with learning objectives aimed at helping them achieve competence in the six ACGME areas.

Below are examples of learning objectives related to achieving the ACGME competence area, practice-based learning and improvement:

Practice and demonstrate 

  • Microskills 5 Plus! 5 for Teaching (educational strategies for teaching, assessing, and engaging students in active, inquiry-based learning)

  • How to engage students in reflective feedback conversations

  • Reflection on teaching, assessment and feedback to include:

    • Engaging in reflective feedback discussions with peers;

    • Identifying and articulating concepts of and strategies for improving time management;

    • Describing effective strategies for improving teaching practices and the differences, if any, in their application in various clinical contexts.

  • Strategies for self- and peer-assessment of teaching that is, reflecting on and assessing strengths as well as practices in need of improvement

  • Strategies for improving teaching practices.