RAE Workshop Topics

The RAE Program is implemented as a tailored program to suit the instructional development needs of the residents in specific departments. The RAE Program includes workshop topics also available to ACE Program participants (affiliate faculty).

In addition to topics you might request that we address, below is an example of workshop topics available for RAE Program participants:

Teaching Essentials

  • BDA as a framework for teaching in clinical settings

  • RIME Framework for establishing/clarifying expectations

  • Leadership principles applied to teaching

Constructive Feedback 

  • Reflective Feedback Conversation Model in Clinical Settings

  • Strategies for Addressing Challenges in the Feedback Process

Inquiry-based Strategies for Teaching

  • How to formulate effective questions, rather than pimping

  • Socratic questions for process-oriented teaching

Smart Apps for Teaching

  • Poll Everywhere & Socrative

  • iAnnotate

  • Notability

In addition, the RAE Program offers workshops addressing issues of communication and negotiating hierarchy and professional relationships.

NOTE: Please use the RAE Workshop Topics menu at left to view the scope of these topics in more detail.