Policy on Residents as Educators Development

UA College of Medicine (UA CoM) faculty instructional development (FID) policy requires all residents who teach medical students to participate in instructional development activities. 

Residents as Educators (RAE) activities begin with an orientation for new interns immediately before starting residency and continue for each subsequent year of residency.  

The policy states as follows:

Article VI. Resident Instructional Development

Section 6.01 Orientation of residents. Residents who teach medical students in preclinical or clinical years are expected to participate in instructional development training for a minimum of two hours at the start of their residencies.

Section 6.02 Ongoing resident instructional development. For each subsequent year of residency, all residents are expected to complete a development session (in-person or online) focusing on teaching and assessment skills.

Source: UA CoM Faculty Instructional Development (FID) Policy

The RAE Program is designed to support residency programs in meeting: