RAE Online

Why use the Online Course?

The online course will assist UA CoM-Tucson and residency programs, where applicable, in documenting resident participation in teacher training activities. This helps us to document compliance with LCME, and in some cases ACGME, requirements for residents as educators training. 

Enroll in the class for access to all videos. Each includes the 3-minute videos on teaching, feedback and assessment (above), formative assessment and feedback.below will take you to the first ILM in the series, Upon completion you will be given access to the entire course.

HOW can I use the online course?

The online course may be used to introduce topics for live, interactive sessions or as independent learning modules. Each module includes formative assessment and feedback, as well as documents module completion.

The RAE Video Series guide describese each 3-minute ILM and contains hyperlinks to join the course.

The Guide below will explain how to create the login and use PlayPosit.

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