Faculty Instructional Development


About Instructional Development

Welcome to the faculty instructional development (FID) website for the University of Arizona College of Medicine.

FID is part of the Office of Medical Student Education (OMSE). Amy L. Waer, MD, is the Associate Dean for Medical Student Education. Below is a description of the purpose of this website, who is involved in FID, UA CoM's FID philosophy and approach. 

Faculty Instructional Development Philosophy

Article 1 of the University of Arizona College of Medicine faculty instructional development policy states:

The UA COM takes an active approach to developing and improving teaching and assessment skills of its  faculty. Therefore, the UA COM education philosophy defines remediation as faculty instructional development and support. Learn more...

What's included in faculty instructional development?

The Director of faculty instructional development provides services, creates resources, and develops programming for faculty, residents, fellows and any affiliate faculty or clinicians who teach medical students.

Karen Spear Ellinwood, PhD, JD, is the Director for faculty instructional development. She develops durable materials for educators who teach in non-clinical settings, such as during years 1 and 2, and clinicians who teach in a wide variety of clinical settings during years 3 and 4.

Many departments or residency programs provide instructional development as part of their regularly scheduled Grand Rounds or residency program teaching days  or didactic sessions. Dr. Spear Ellinwood provides assistance in developing or implementing such activities throughout the college. 

Who assists in conducting instructional development activities?

The Office of Medical Student Education has other education professionals, analysts, technology experts and clinical or preclinical faculty who volunteer to conduct seminars or workshops for the FID Series, TWT SeriesRAE Program and Teaching Scholars Program.

For example, T. Gail Pritchard, PhD, as Director of Resident and Fellow Development, provides resources and assistance to residents in their development of knowledge and skills for successful completion of their residency requirements. Dr. Pritchard also assists in conducting some residents as educators activities. Others present workshops on program evaluation and student assessment in the FID Series or serve as education research mentors for the AMES/OMSE Teaching Scholars.