Faculty Instructional Development


Preclinical Educators

What information can you find here?

This section of the FID website contains information and resources for faculty, including residents, who teach in years 1 and 2 of the undergraduate medical education program. In addition to a variety of teaching guides, you will find information about the various teaching methods used in preclinical years:

  • Case-based Instruction

  • Team learning

  • Interactive lecture

  • Effective Learning Objectives

  • Educational Strategies

On the College of Medicine website, you will find information about the mentored, small group learning process known as the doctor patient courseYou may access additional resources in the "Related Resources" section at the bottom of this and most pages on this site.

Engaging Students in Reflection on Practice - on People

There are many books, poems, and other articles written by phsyicians, nurses and patients about the human aspects of clinical experiences. These readings can help medical educators on reflecting about how they can discuss reflection on the humanity in medical practice as well as getting in the habit of contemplating medicine from a patient's perspective. The Reading List below, in Related Resources, is a starter list. Please help yourself and share it, and your own ideas for a reflective reading list, with your students.

FID Policy

UA COM instructional development policy requires all faculty in the preclinical years to participate in instructional development for each method of teaching in which they engage. For example, faculty who facilitate case-based instruction attend a two-part training on methods and online learning tools and assessment of student performance. Faculty who write cases for team learning or case-based instruction receive guidance in how to construct a case for these different learning formats. "Faculty who serve as student mentors in the Societies program must participate in training as a Societies mentor and in a majority of the regularly scheduled mentor faculty development sessions," (FID Policy).

​Orientation to FID Resources

Faculty may be interested in learning more about the resources available to assist faculty in dveloping and enhancing knowledge, skills and practice in teaching, qualitative education research, and feedback.

Training & Resources Offered

Please use the menu at left to locate information, training opportunities and other resources concerning the instructional methods used in preclinical years. You will find many scholarly resources and references on this site under Clinical Educators menu that are also helpful to preclinical educators.


If you have questions or suggestions for adding resources to this site or to request training you do not see here, please use the contact form on this site.

If you have questions about the undegraduate medial education program for years 1 and 2, please contact the Program Manager for Preclinical Years, Sonia de Leon, BA (soniab@medadmin.arizona.edu).