Faculty Instructional Development


BDA: A Framework for Reflective Teaching in Clinical Settings

What is the BDA framework?

The BDA framework originated in academic literature on teaching content area literacy (Vacca and Vacca, 2005; also Laverick), but can be used to create a structure for teaching in any setting.

The BDA framework enables the clinical educator to structure the learning experience, even when there is little time for planning to teach. The framework is compatible with Schön's (1983) framework for reflective practice and professional learning. In the reflective framework, the learner or professional practitioner engages in reflection IN, ON, and FOR patient care and all aspects of learning or practice (see Plack & Santasier, 2005, 2004).

The BDA framework focuses on the use of educational strategies at these key points in time: before (FOR), during (IN) and after (ON)  the learning experience. Ideally, these strategies ought to direct the student to be reflective.

To strengthen your application of the BDA framework for teaching practice, combine it with Pangaro's (1999) RIME framework that highlights the integral roles physicians perform in practice, Reporter, Interpreter, Manager, and Educator.