Faculty Instructional Development

Affiliate Clinical Faculty

The UA College of Medicine has many community-based faculty who teach undergraduate medical students. OMSE FID provides instructional development and support for all preceptors or other community-based, affiliated faculty.

The ACE Program offers the same instructional development and support as the RAE Program.  Please visit the ACE Program page to find resources for developing or enhancing teaching and assessment skills.

Rural Health Professions Program from BioCommunications MedTV on Vimeo.

Engaging Students in Reflection on Practice - on People

There are many books, poems, and other articles written by phsyicians, nurses and patients about the human aspects of clinical experiences. These readings can help medical educators on reflecting about how they can discuss reflection on the humanity in medical practice as well as getting in the habit of contemplating medicine from a patient's perspective. The Reading List below, in Related Resources, is a starter list. Please help yourself and share it, and your own ideas for a reflective reading list, with your students.

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