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Residents as Educators

RAE Program 

The purpose of the Residents as Educators (RAE) Program is to provide instructional development support for all residents to enhance their teaching and assessment practices. The program provides interactive workshops at the department or residency program level and will assist Residency Program Directors in developing their own RAE programs.

Workshops address the UA COM Educational Program Objectives, learning theory underlying the clinical years of our developmental curriculum, and use interactive approaches, including case-based scenarios and role-play to enhance or develop essential teaching and assessment practices.

Karen Spear Ellinwood, PhD, JD, Director

RAE Program Description

RAE Orientation for New Interns

The RAE Orientation to teaching and assessing medical students is conducted during the last week in June immediately prior to starting residency. The RAE Program offers instructional development support at the department and individual level to assist residents in acquiring the necessary skills and complying with UA COM policy. More on RAE Orientation...

RAE Scholars Program (Pilot)

To support residents who seek to establish a career in academic medicine, Residents may apply to the Teaching Scholars Program. More on RAE Scholars...

Support for Residency Program Directors

If you are a Residency Program Director, and would like to schedule training for residents, please contact Karen Spear Ellinwood, PhD, JD, Facutly and resident instructional development, by using the RAE Program Request Form online.

To report that residents in your program have completed the requirement for ongoing residents as educator development this year, please use the RAE Activity Report Form online.

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