Workplace-based Assessment in Clerkship

Curricular Affairs is collaborating with Clerkship Directors and faculty to develop a workplace-based assessment (WBA) in clerkship. Below is a video introduction to how we plan to incorporate WBA in the clerkship assessment process as well as a literature summary and links to pertinent articles on the topic.

Articles & Other Resources

Active Learning in Training Sessions

Given our commitment to active learning, we will also employ an active learning approach to faculty development on the new workplace-based assessment form and process. Such active learning strategies will include opportunities to:

  • Evaluate samples of simulated learner performance and develop formative feedback using criterion-based and WPB assessment principles and best practice for instructor feedback
  • Share ideas for how to improve upon these applying principles of and best practice for WPB assessment and formative feedback.
  • Describe how to use WPB assessment to guard against unconscious bias in clerkship grading.
  • Describe anticipated challenges in conducting workplace-based assessment and generate ideas for overcoming these.

We hope this collaborative and interactive approach to faculty development will help to ensure the success of the new assessment process.

NOTE: We will post additional videos and other faculty and instructor development materials on this page as it becomes available.