Faculty Instructional Development


Issues in Medical Education: Professionalisim


The Medical Education Journal Club (MEJC) held several sessions to discuss issues affecting teaching and assessment, curriculum design and program evaluation, primarily for years 1 and 2. The sessions applied an evidence-based approach to discuss scholarly articles and generate ideas for improving the educational experience of our medical students.


Faculty paired up to facilitate each session to address a theme, distributing articles in advance to allow sufficient time for participants to review and prepare for discussion. 

At each session, facilitators presented a summary of each article and questions to promote discussion. Participants broke into small groups to discuss ideas and then addressed the implications for UA COM educational practice with the larger group.


Two themes were addressed in the 2013-14 academic year: curriculum development and teaching professionalism.

Organizer & Sponsor

AMES sponsored these MEJC activities. Helen Amerongen, PhD, served as the the MEJC Organizer. She is a member of the Academy of Medical Education Scholars (AMES*) and the Block Director for Foundations, as well as the Associate Department Head and Professor of the Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine.

Given the enthusiastic participation of faculty in these journal club activities, the articles are posted here as resources for faculty instructional development.