FID Philosophy

Instructional Development Supports Educator Development

The COM-T framed its FID policy by its educational philosophy: Remediation should be supportive, not punitive. FID resources aim to support you as a lifelong learner and education professional.

What's more, we believe that we should offer guidance targeted to the conditions of specific teaching situations. We shadow clinical faculty and residents as they teach to understand the conditions under which they teach and affordances and constraints on teaching and learning. Shadowing also helps to identify strengths as well as opportunities for teaching to help improve teaching during clinical years.

FID is Proactive  

The director of faculty instructional development (FID) is proactive in creating materials and opportunities to enhance teaching practices, learn new technologies, and methods of teaching and assessment. Assistance includes one-on-one, small group and grand rounds instructional development activities for faculty, fellows, residents and affiliate faculty who teach medical students.

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