Policy on Instructional Development

UA CoM Policy

The UA COM policy on faculty instructional development seeks to support preclinical and clinical educators in their development of teaching and assessment skills and practices. The policy states:

The UA COM takes an active approach to developing and improving teaching and assessment skills of its faculty. Therefore, the UA COM education philosophy defines remediation as faculty instructional development and support. ... All faculty who teach medical students will be offered and encouraged to participate in faculty instructional development (Articles I & II, Instructional Development Policy).

Preclinical Years

Basic science or clinical educators who teach in sessions using specialized instructional methods, such as team learning or Case-based instruction, must participate in training on educational strategies, instructional methods, and assessment of student performance. These sessions are conducted by the Office of Curricular Affairs, Director of Faculty instructional development, Karen Spear Ellinwood, PhD, JD.

Clinical Years

Residents are required to participate in an orientation to teaching and assessing medical students, conducted immediately prior to starting their residencies. Residents are also required to participate in ongoing instructional development. The RAE Program offers instructional development support at the department and individual level to assist residents in acquiring the necessary skills and complying with UA COM policy.

Affiliate clinical educators may also find instructional development resources on this site

Want More Info About LCME?

If you are in the Department of Medicine, please contact Susan Ellis, MS, EdS.

Please contact the Director of LCME Accreditation for the UA College of Medicine, Raquel Hernandez Givens, MEd, for more information about LCME requirements and the accreditation review process.

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