Resources & Strategies for Medical Educators

Many scholars have researched and written on the topic of metacognition in learning and teaching in K-12 and higher education. Some researchers refer to metacognition as reflection, critical thinking, or higher order thinking. In the field of medicine, the focus of inquiry has been on reflective practice, a form of metacognitive engagement in professional practice and lifelong learning.

In this section of the site, you will find peer-reviewed articles as well as references to books and multi-media resources on the processes involved in reflective teaching practice as well as the reflective practice of medicine.


This literature and other resources are grouped by category as follows:

  • Evidence-based decision making
  • Inquiry learning
  • Learning theory and metacognitive engagement
  • Reflective learning, teaching and practice 
  • Technology & metacognition

Feedback Guides  

In addition, this site has CME courses, modules and other resources for educators in the preclinical and clinical  years. Below are a few links to feedback guides created by the FID Director. While some refer to clinical teaching scenarios, the principles are applicable to giving constructive feedback in any situation.

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