Peer Review of Teaching

The University of Arizona Office of Instruction and Assessment (OIA) on main campus has established a protocol for peer review of teaching. This protocol, outlined below, has been adopted as the method of peer evaluation of teaching for promotion and tenure. 

  1. Pre-observation meeting with reviewee
  2. Multiple Observations
  3. Post-observation meeting with reviewee

Whether you include observations of clinical or classroom teaching, you and the reviewee should discuss and agree upon the evaluation instrument before observations begin. The reviewer offers the reviewee an opportunity to review the draft evaluation and offer input. The reviewee signs the evaluation acknowledging they were given the opportunity to do so. The reviewee's signature does not indicate agreement.

Observation Guides for Peer Review of Teaching

Resources from the OIA

OIA Protocol & Peer Evaluation of Teaching (~7 min)
OIA Protocol for Peer Review of Teaching 
Classroom Observation Suite - an online tool for creating a form to guide observation and evaluation of faculty teaching. 

​For questions about the Classroom Observation Suite, please email Ingrid Novodvorsky, OIA, Assessment and Evaluation

Schedule Training for OIA Protocol Evaluations

Please contact the Director of Faculty Instructional Development to schedule a training for your department on how to conduct evaluations per the OIA protocol.