Peer Review of Teaching

The University of Arizona Office of Instruction and Assessment (OIA) on main campus has established a protocol for peer review of teaching that is required for certain evaluations in the promotion and tenure process. To conduct peer evaluations using this protocol, fauclty will need to complete the training below.

The Assistant Dean for Faculty Development in the Office of Faculty Affairs will have access to a list of faculty who complete the online video training below. Please check with the P&T coordinator your department as well for information about promotion and tenure.

What is the OIA Protocol?

The OIA protocol for peer evaluation involves four steps:

  1. Pre-observation meeting with reviewee
  2. Multiple Observations
  3. Post-observation meeting with reviewee
  4. Letter of evaluation with acknolwedgement by reviewee

Video Series Peer Evaluation Training

Faculty who will serve as peer evaluators in the promotion and tenure process should complete the training below.  We recommend that reviewees also complete the training to learn more about the process. There are 6 videos (total time: 18 minutes). There is a short survey confirming completion at the end.

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