Microskills 1 Minute Preceptor Includes Feedback

The Microskills approach to teaching has 5 steps to guide residents in teaching medical students in clinical settings (Neher, Gordon, Meyer & Stevens, 1992). The last two steps calls for the resident to "reinforce what was right" and "correct" student performance, that is, to suggest or model corrective action - reminding us to offer feedback.

Enhance the 1-minute preceptor Microskills approach by incorporating the principles of the  "reflective and constructive feedback conversation" (Cantillon P & Sargeant, 2008) in the final step - Reflect & Correct!

This adapted approach is

  • aligned with the overarching educational framework for medical student education and instructional development that emphasizes reflective engagement in learning, teaching and practice.
  • based on a synthesis of scholarly literature in medical education on the principles of giving constructive feedback.
  • offers guidance to all educators in any teaching situation. 


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