SOS (Support for Office Staff) Network & Workshop Series

About the SOS Series

The SOS program provides UA College of Medicine staff with the knowledge and skills in advanced features and functionality of the office related software they use every day, a chance to learn new applications. The ultimate goal is for staff to create a network of support that will help them to share this technological knowledge to enhance professional development.

The most important question: What would you like to learn through SOS?

SOS Goals

The SOS workshop series aims to assist UA-CoM-Tucson staff including clerkship and elective/selective coordinators as well as administrative assistants and associates at the College of Medicine in further developing skills in using office applications, such as Word, Excel, Project, Visio, and PowerPoint and Adobe DC, in ways targeted to support the medical education program. Some workshops may offer opportunities to learn new software.

NOTE: The SOS Series is not a certified skills program, such as is offered by The University of Arizona through its professional development courses in information technology and the IT Academy for Microsoft Products as part of its software licensing benefits (see Related Resources below).