About the FID Website

This website provides access to educational resources for faculty, residents, fellows and administrators. Resources include videos of seminars, event calendar for seminars and workshops, teaching guides, presentations, and information about developmental learning theory, teaching strategies, assessment and techonology for teaching.

The menu is aligned wtih the undergraduate medical education program components. For example, the

  • Educational Framework menu contains resources for all faculty and non-faculty who teach in any part of the curriculum.  

  • Preclinical Educators menu includes information about the clinical reasoning course, case-based instruction, team learning and other instructional modalities used during years 1 and 2.

  • Clinical Educators menu includes teaching guides and strategies for structuring the teaching/learning experience in clinical settings, and constructive feedback. These resources are designed to assist faculty, residents and fellows who teach at University Banner Medical Center or affiliate faculty who are preceptors in community-based clinical settings.

Faculty instructional development is part of the Office of Curricular Affairs.

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