Faculty Support

The Director of Instructional Development will provide support for Block Directors and faculty for learning how to incorporate active learning strategies and integrating technology to enhance the teaching/learning experience.

This site has a wide variety of internal and external resources for self-managed instructional development. The Faculty Instructional Development leads, upon request, can engage in faculty coaching one-on-one or in small groups, conduct grand rounds or other workshops on teaching, feedback and assessment.

Planning Tools for Block Directors

  • Block Observation & Planning Tool can help block directors document observations throughout the block. Upon completing the survey for a single session, the block director will receive an immediate report of their observations and can generate an end of block report for all sessions in the block.
  • Teaching Goals Inventory (TGI) -  This tool by Angelo & Cross (2005)** is designed to evaluate the fit between block goals and course learning objectives.
  • Notes Template for Curriculum Mapping Project - Given the successful pilot in 2018 of a new Notes Template, all blocks are using a template for session notes that enables faculty to identify the connections between their sessions and ACGME competencies, educational program objectives, threads, disciplines and learning objectives. This template also documents instructional methods and resources for each session. Please contact the block director or coordinator for the most recent version of this template.

Formative Assessment for Teaching

Related Resources

**Thomas A. Angelo and K. Patricia Cross. Classroom Assessment Techniques: A Handbook for College Teachers, Jossey-Bass Publishers:San Francisco, CA; 2005.

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