Education Technology

SAMR Video Guide

When we decide to use technology for teaching or to support student learning, we need to determine how best to incorporate it into the design of the learning experience. We ask ourselves: Are we seeking to enhance the experience with opportunities for active learning? Are we seeking to redesign the experience entirely? Which technology should we use to achieve our goals and assist students in achieving learning objectives?

Julie Youm PhD, Instructional Technologies Group, University of California, Irvine, School of Medicine, has created a SAMR video guide that describes the SAMR model and how we can use it to evaluate how we use technology for teaching. SAMR video guide

More resources to explore the concepts involved in designing technologically enhanced or hybrid learning environments and experiences:

Preview the Handbook of Research on Educational Communications and Technology (2014).
Check out additional scholarly references on technology in medical education!

iTunes U Courses for Educators

  • Apps & Ideas for Medical Educators - Aimed at clinical and basic science faculty who teach in preclinical and clinical years [Enrollment Code: EJM-APW-HRK]
  • Apps & Ideas for Residents as Educators  - Aimed at residents who teach medical students [Enrollment Code: FPX-MHA- XEL]
  • Education Scholars Course - Aimed at faculty who seek to learn how to design, implement and present education studies [Enrollment Code: FTY-ZFA- CND]

These courses include an overview of educational theory, teaching strategies for clinical and non-clinical settings as well as apps, some which are cross-platform, for teaching and learning. 

Who are these iTunes U courses for?

Educators who would like to learn more about...

  • active learning strategies
  • flipping the classroom
  • curriculum design
  • program evaluation
  • feedback, and
  • other approaches to enhance or redesign the learning experience.

Additional Resources

Several FID Series presentations have addressed the use of technology for teaching in classroom and clinical settings. Topics include:

  • Using technology to engage students during lecture time
  • The concept of Cognitive Overload in instructional design
  • Smart apps for teaching in clinical settings
  • iPads for Medicine

FID Series videos on these and many other topics are posted to this website. Each video is about 1.5 hours long and are presented by medical educators.