How to Apply BDA to Clinical Teaching

BEFORE the experience: Establish Expectations

Ask the learner to...

  • Articulate what they know about the medical knowledge relevant to this patient

  • Read relevant literature

  • Review the patient record and identify pertinent positives and negatives

  • Watch a video of an exam technique to prepare for the encounter

DURING the experience: Monitor or Guide Learning

Ask the learner to...

  • Perform a clinical examination

  • Interview the patient to obtain pertinent information

  • Educate the patient concerning their condition or how to administer or manage medication

  • Observe clinical procedure with the aim of performing the procedure thereafter

AFTER the experience: Debrief or Build on Learning

Ask the student to ...

  • Present the patient using the department's preferred case presentation style

  • Reflect on how their anticipated findings compated with findings on examination

  • Identify next steps in the diagnosis or care of the patient

  • Explain the reasoning their proposed approach

  • Offer constructive feedback on their performance to help them identify skills, attitudes or behaviors for improvement

  • Establish goals for future performance or clerkships