Residents as Educators (RAE) Program

The purpose of the Residents as Educators (RAE) Program is to provide instructional development support for all residents who teach medical students in clinical or classroom settings. We aim to assist residents in enhancing their teaching, assessment and feedback practices. The program provides interactive workshops at the department or residency program level and will assist Residency Program Directors in developing their own RAE activities.

Workshops address topics such as adult learning theory, reflective teaching approaches, active learning strategies, inquiry-based teaching and professionalism, and constructive feedback and evaluation. Face-to-face activities always use interactive approaches, including case-based scenarios and role-play to enhance or develop essential teaching and assessment practices.

Karen Spear Ellinwood, PhD, JD, Director

RAE Orientation - Online Course!

There is a NEW online course for residents as educators. It takes less than 1 hour to complete and documents participation. Each learning module is only 3 minutes.

  • RAE Video Series - Independent Learning Modules (ILMs) use Play Posit software to offer 3-minute videos on teaching, feedback and assessment.
  • PlayPosit Enrollment Guide -  Log in so we can document for LCME how many residents as educators we are reaching!

For Residency Program Directors & Coordinators

If you would like to schedule a live workshop on teaching and feedback for your residents, please contact Dr. Karen Spear Ellinwood.

RAE Scholars Program

If residents would like additional support in designing, implementing or presenting their scholarly projects, please view the Teaching Scholars Program page on  contact Dr. Karen Spear Ellinwood.  More on RAE Scholars...