Advanced Word Features

Tuesday, November 6, 2018 - 1:00pm

Word 2016 Session Objectives

Formatting Snafus

  • How to find them and how to fix them
  • Copying and pasting from the web or other documents – why doesn’t the text respond to changes I’m making?!?!?

Advanced Formatting

  • Using Styles
  • Modifying Styles & Creating New Ones
    • For single documents
    • For future documents

Generating Tables

  • Table of Contents
  • Table of Figures
  • Table of Authorities
  • An Index

Toolbars for Turning out Professional Looking Products

  • Insert
  • Design
  • Layout
  • References

Adjusting your work environment

  • VIEW

Working with Others


Creating Forms

  • DEVELOPER Basics
  • Acrobat Features

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