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Please remember to SHARE COMPUTER SOUNDS when you SHARE YOUR SCREEN if you are displaying a video or sharing audio track with students. Otherwise, students will not hear the audio clearly or, if you wear a headset, not at all. Many of you may need to teach online. Zoom is an excellent tool for teaching online and has several helpful features for helping you adapt during COVID-19. (See, list of features and resources below the video.)

  • CHAT feature for messaging students individually or as a group
  • TALK feature for discussion
  • SHARE feature for sharing screens
  • WHITEBOARD for drawing (Best to use a stylus!)
  • POLL feature enables you to ask multiple choice questions
  • BREAKOUT ROOMS for creating small breakout groups for discussion during a larger group session
  • SAVE CHAT feature enables you to save student chats and questions
  • RECORD automatically generates 2 files: Video and CHAT transcript
  • REPORTS - Go to SETTINGS, Meeting, Schedule Meeting, REPORTS. Select the meeting and Export the .csv file (open in Excel)
  • The CHAT Transcript 

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