Data Collection & Analysis Tools: Microsoft® Office Excel

Wednesday, May 7, 2014 - 9:00am
MDL-3116 (Media lab, third floor COM near lecture halls)


Microsoft Office Excel may be used to create or import data sets, analyze data, and generate charts and pivot tables. SOS workshops on and the SOS guide for Microsoft Office Excel introduces staff to this project management and research tool, including the functions described below. 

What can you do with Excel?

Set-up Documents

  • Page setup

  • Print set up 

  • Name worksheet

  • Import data from other programs 

Create Charts

  • Generate charts from data

  • Change Chart Type & Style

  • Move charts

  • Export charts as graphics

  • Modify or Select data

Organize Data

  • Import data from other programs

  • Create efficient views

  • Determine right file extension (.xls, .xlsx, .txt...)

  • Choose table/cell formatting to suit data

  • Store data with password protection

  • Interface with other MS Office software (Access; Project; PowerPoint; OneNote)

Create & Format Tables

  • Sort data

  • Filter data

  • Stylize table

  • Generate Pivot Tables

Format Cells

  • Per data type

  • Customize cell style

  • Hyperlink cells

Analyze Data

  • Conditional Formatting 

  • Use formulas to crunch data 

  • Sort & Filter data

  • Trace precedent (identify cells affecting value of selected cell)

  • Trace dependents (identify cells affected by selected cell)

  • Error checking & formula evaluation