Commitment to Change Project

Description & Purpose

Education Scholars will identify an opportunity for teaching improvement and design and carry out a plan for this improvement, with the assistance of the program director.  At the end of the academic year, each Education Scholar will provide a written summary of the improvement plan, including a statement of the problem, methods used to address the problem, information about outcome, and plans for integration of the plan into future teaching activities. 

This project represents a commitment to improve the medical education program as well as the individual educator's practice, and will be conducted as medical education research. The University of Arizona Office for the Responsible Conduct of Research website has relevant policies and procedures.

Project Plan

The plan will include a statement of the problem, methods used to address the problem.  Participants will implement the plan during the program year.  After implementing the plan, participants will submit a draft report of the changes they implemented and the educational or program outcomes observed.  The program director will review the draft and provide the participant with feedback.

Project Presentations & Posters

Participants will present their findings at a session of the AMES/OMSE FID Series (Fall term, following year). AMES faculty will attend and provide written evaluations of each scholar's project. Scholars are encouraged to consider suggestions for future practice or enhancement of their projects, especially in developing their poster for presentation at the Medical Education Research Day (April).

The AMES faculty will be given a written evaluation form (in print or online, using Qualtrics survey tool). They will complete the evaluation at the close of the session. AMES reviews are not anonymous. All those who attend the presentations will be invited to provide feedback. Each scholar will receive a copy of each individual evaluation and feedback comments, plus an overview of descriptive statistics for all evaluations they received. 

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