Seminars & Workshops

Teaching Scholars program participants participate in several of the AMES/OMSE FID Series seminars and related Teaching Scholars workshops. The FID Series seminars are offered from August through May and conducted by UA COM faculty and education professionals (see Program Faculty).  

The AMES/OMSE FID Series seminars are open to all faculty from all AHSC colleges and provide an opportunity for Teaching Scholars participants to interact with and learn from colleagues. Teaching Scholars workshops are held during the hour following FID Series seminars, unless the participants and Director determine another mutually available date and time. Each interactive workshop focuses on developing skills necessary to design, implement and report the Commitment to Change Projects. Additional guidance may be provided for participants' development of Educator Portfolios.  

All FID Series seminars are video recorded and available for those who cannot attend a seminar.


All participants attend several core seminars (in person or by video).  Core seminars focus on developing an educator portfolio, and strategies or educational research pertaining to educational practice.  Seminars include topics focusing on teaching in classroom as well as clinical settings.   

Faculty Coaching

Faculty coaching topics are aimed specifically for the Education Scholars Program and may be conducted one-on-one or in small group sessions. Topics focus on skills and methodologies to guide participants as they develop their Commitment to Change Projects, including how to:Write effective research questions

  • Design a medical education study

  • Develop a focused literature review

  • Draft effective questions for surveys and focus groups

  • Draft an IRB Project Application

  • Conduct qualitative and quantitative analyses of data

  • Present data

  • Draft/edit a scholarly manusript

  • Prepare posters for presentation and publication

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