Peer Evaluation Observation Guides

The settings in which we teach afford opportunities to observe particular teaching skills. Since clinical teaching may involve unique teaching skills, it is best to use an observation guide designed for that setting and skillset.

Below are some of the observation guides/evaluation tools and resources available. Please review them in the pre-observation meeting to determine what might be best fit the kind of teaching to be observed.

Clinical Teaching Observation Guides

Classroom & Lab Teaching Observation Guides

External Resources

Indiana University School of Medicine IU School of Medicine's protocol recommends a peer review process similar to the UA OIA protocol. It includes the following components:

  • Pre-observation review of syllabus, learning objectives and related materials
  • Observation with agreed-upon observation tool to assess teaching
  • Post-observation review with the faculty member observed to invite self-assessment of teaching
  • Report that includes all of the above