Educational Framework

This program emphasizes interactive learning in which affiliate faculty become familiar with the UA COM Educational Program Objectives and the teaching and learning theory underlying the clinical years of the UA COM developmental curriculum, as well as strategies for implementing these.

The Context of Learning

The optimal approach to teaching and learning imagines the educator and learner as reflective for, in and on the learning experience (Plack & Santasier, 2004*) as they consider the:

  • conditions for learning (the affordances and constraints of the learning landscape);
  • purpose or motivation of learning;
  • funds of knowledge for learning (those available and accessible to the learner including the learner’s practices); and
  • learning demands of the situation (proximity of the object, whether it is distal or proximal).

These four factors comprise what is known as the organizing circumstance of learning – that is, the totality of circumstances that determines the course of learning (Spear-Ellinwood, 2011; see, Med/Ed eNews, v2(3)).

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Concept Summary