SOS Series 2013-14 No. 1 - Document Preparation & Publication Tools

Thursday, February 27, 2014 - 9:00am
COM-3116 (multimedia room near lecture halls, third floor)

Topic: Expanding how we use Microsoft® Office Word - Using it to the max!

Duration: 2 hours

Facilitator: Karen Spear Ellinwood, PhD, JD, EdS


This workshop is organized around the most likely to be used productivity functions of Microsoft Word and Publisher. Workshop participant knowledge will determine where we will focus. The first hour of the workshop will address MS Word features and the 2nd hour will address MS Publisher features and the interface of these document preparation and publication tools with other applications or web-based services, such as Adobe and

This workshop will address the following features and functionality, depending upon participant goals.


  • Create cover pages

  • Modify document styles, headings and special formatting (creating and modifying)

  • Templates: Create templates or modify text styles and assign to templates

Formatting & Reference Tools

  • Reference

    • Create auto-numbered footnotes and endnotes

    • Generate table of contents, document index, table of figures

    • Style marking: Mark text for inclusion in table of contents or citations or index

    • Mark entries for inclusion in table of references (citations)

    • Create reference library and manage citation styles

  • Page Layout

    • Page numbering & sections, how do I force page 1 to start after the 1st page? 

    • Using Quick Parts, auto text, document properties and Fields

Multi-person Editing

  • How to use "Track Changes"

  • Compare document revisions

Forms: Developer Mode to create forms


  • Files, objects, movies, images, and special symbols (including accent marks)

  • Tables
    • Create elegant tables (header rows; special columns; text format and graphic display; sorting; formulas; properties (auto fit; text distribution; row & column distribution)

    • Create template table styles

  • Graphics
    • Create or edit charts

    • SmartArt – should I use PowerPoint or Word to create it?

    • Saving SmartArt or other graphics as Png, jpg, bmp?

    • Inserting Screenshots? Which software should I use?

    • Resize graphics without losing proportion

    • Captions (Add and edit captions to figures and tables; Auto-numbering)

Interface with other applications & services

  • Interfacing with MS OneNote (screenshot functionality)
  • Converting Word docs to PDF (protecting the integrity of documents; publishing online)

  • Creating hyperlinks to audio, visual or other virtual materials

  • Publication to or other hosting services


Participants will receive a guide to assist them in practicing these skills at work. Visit the SOS Supplements page on this site.

A note about SOS Workshops

The Support for Office Staff (SOS) workshop series is not a certified skills program, such as is offered by The University of Arizona through its professional development courses in information technology and the IT Academy for Microsoft® Products as part of its software licensing benefits (see Related Resources below). The SOS workshop series is aimed at assisting OMSE staff as well as clerkship and elective/selective coordinators in further developing skills in using office applications, such as Microsoft® Office Word, Excel, Project, Visio, and PowerPoint and Adobe Pro, in ways targeted to support the medical education program. Some workshops may offer opportunities to learn new software.The primary facilitator for these workshops will be Karen Spear Ellinwood, PhD, JD, OMSE Faculty instructional development. AHSC BioCommunications staff may provide additional assistance or source materials.

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