Microsoft Office Publisher


This workshop is organized around the most likely to be used productivity functions of Microsoft Publisher's main menu identified below. If workshop participants would like to learn other functions not listed here, please let the facilitator know in advance so she can prepare to address your questions. Thank you.

Unlike Microsoft Office Word, Publisher is an object-based application. That means when you open a blank document you do not simply type at the top of the page. Instead, you must place an object on the page that allows you to include text. Objects such as text boxes and shapes allow text and text editing.

An object-based application also means that these objects, whether graphic or text, are not anchored to an established page layout. Each object may be moved independently of the others anywhere on the page. This allows for greater freedom in designing the page layout.

Similar to Microsoft Office Word, Publisher allows for creating both documents and templates, customizing background, styles, fonts and color, as well as provides rulers and gridlines to assist in page design and offering a variety of options for document outputs (e.g., .pub, .pdf).

The tutorials below are for Microsoft Office 2013 because many staff do not have the 2016 version yet.